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What is the Dealer ThinkTank? – definition: Subject matter experts and thought-leaders providing strategies, discussing ideas, challenging ideology, and creating solutions for real-world problems facing the automotive industry. Through your collaborative efforts, you will help change how culture is established at your dealership.
  Eventbrite - Dealer ThinkTank Chicago IL
Thursday, May 15th, 2014
9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
Hyatt Regency O’Hare – Chicago  

Todd Smith

Todd Smith

Dealer chat solutions pioneer who cuts to the chase, understands dealership culture and drives results.         Read the bios
Jerry Thibeau

Jerry Thibeau

Phone skills & sales training expert who has listened to more phones calls in the industry than anyone; his solutions help build businesses.
Joe Webb

Joe    Webb

Dealer consultant extraordinaire who can read and understand dealership dynamics to put the pieces in place.
Jeff Kershner

Jeff Kershner

Internet marketing and industry leader with successful dealership and vendor experiences
Allan Cooper Dealer ThinkTank

Allan Cooper

JD Power recognized automotive Internet sales pioneer and global industry expert on DMS driven consumer engagement and communication.
Eric Miltsch Dealer ThinkTank

Eric Miltsch

Leading digital marketing strategist who sees the search, social and mobile segments unlike anyone in the business.

What is Dealer ThinkTank?

Jerry Thibeau Teaching Dealers

Collaborate with your peers in an interactive setting to personally develop solutions for your dealership and the industry. As dealerships evolve, so does the adoption of technology, information resources and mobile device usage. We will guide you. 
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Who is Dealer ThinkTank?

The Dealer ThinkTank Hosts
Dealer ThinkTank represents a generational footprint of successful automotive experts. Collectively, they cut their teeth working in dealership sales, executive management and in the trenches with some of the most successful automotive companies in the country.
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ThinkTank Tour Dates

Chicago – Thursday May 15th, 2014
Boston – Thursday June 19th, 2014
Washington DC – Thursday August 14th, 2014
Los Angeles- Thursday September 18th, 2014
Charlotte – November 13th, 2014 (THE FINAL THINKTANK)

Featured Presentation by Ed Woefle, Training Manager.

Ed Woefle – Rescuing Service Profits Through Trust and Price Transparency:

Cars.comWhile the service market is projected to grow 15% or more over the next 3 years, dealers’ service revenue is down. Though new vehicle sales are on the rise, dealerships are expected to face increasing pressures on the profitability of their fixed operations as category trends including the growing number of off-warranty vehicles, low loyalty rates and intensifying competition from independents and chains continue. To better understand how shoppers choose service providers, partnered with acclaimed research firm Gfk Automotive.  The study revealed consumers want two key qualities in a repair provider:  
  1. A trustworthy provider to deliver quality results
  2. Price transparency to create confidence in a fair price will share learnings from the Gfk Automotive research and demonstrate how dealerships are well positioned to deliver on consumer needs.  To help dealerships gain their fair share of the growing service market, we’ll give advice on how to win shoppers by providing more transparency into service pricing structures and increasing digital presence to ensure you are reaching shoppers when they are making key decisions. We’ll also discuss the role service reviews play in increasing visibility and provide tips for growing review volume and promoting them with both new vehicle and service shoppers.

About Ed Woefle:

Ed WoefleAs training manager, Ed Woelfle is responsible for training staff on everything from product knowledge to dealership process.  In his role, he’s also worked closely with automotive manufacturers on training initiatives such as digital merchandising, reputation management, and mobile/social channel reach. Before joining the training team, Ed served as an affiliate sales manager, where he facilitated training and development at several affiliate newspapers and television stations throughout the country. Prior to, Ed worked with United Airlines for 15 years as a national account manager out of their world headquarters, working with their largest retail travel suppliers.  Among his numerous achievements, Ed was awarded the Top Supplier Award from both American Express and Carlson Companies while at United.
The Dealer ThinkTank in Cincinnati was excellent, the content you provided was cutting edge and I wasn’t pitched anything! – Jeff Novak.

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